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Colloidal Silver and the Flu Epidemic


What do you do when a particularly nasty flu strikes, and your colloidal silver doesnít seem to be working?Taking careful note of your bodyís symptoms and using additional nutritional intervention based on those symptoms often turns the tide.Hereís one example, from my own recent experienceÖ


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for


I just got over a nasty bout of flu which struck over the Christmas and New Year's holidays and left me bedridden for a good week.Very severe.And missing Christmas and New Yearís was a real bummer.


And of course, the news media is now rife with reports that this flu bug is sweeping the nation, with some sources calling it an ďepidemic.Ē


So I thought Iíd document what I did in order to deal with the symptoms of this nasty flu bug and get back on the road to recovery inside of one week.


What Did and Didnít WorkÖ


First, I tried the red wine, lemon juice and colloidal silver trick for beating flu viruses, which I documented in my previous article Beating the Winter Cold and Flu Season With Colloidal Silver.


The gist of this ďtrickĒ is that if you take a small amount of red wine mixed with colloidal silver and lemon juice, the alcohol and lemon juice help dissolve the lipid coating of the flu virus, and allows the colloidal silver to penetrate and exterminate the virus.


But I found I couldnít tolerate the alcohol with the colloidal silver due to the waves of nausea that accompanied this particular flu bug during the first few days.Maybe the nausea was a defense mechanism of the virus.


So the red wine, lemon juice and colloidal silver trick didnít work for me, in this case, though itís worked previously in other cases.


Instead, I just sipped on my colloidal silver "straight" throughout the day, from time-to-time as needed Ė which actually helped relieve the nausea tremendously.I took between two ounces and four ounces a day of 10 ppm, depending upon how I felt.


Whatís more, thanks to the colloidal silver I didn't end with some of the more severe symptoms that others here locally have suffered, such as sudden projectile vomiting and uncontrollable diarrhea.Blecch!


So in my case I do credit the colloidal silver with prevention of some of the more severe symptoms of this particular flu virus.


But for other symptoms, it didnít seem to help at all until I began really taking note of my symptoms, and adding other nutrients to my regimen to counteract them.


The Worst Symptoms


For example, the worst symptom I had from this particular flu virus was overwhelming fatigue and extremely cold body temperature, combined with 101 degree fever at the same time.


Plus, I had some pretty painful joint aches, particularly in the knees and hips and between my shoulder blades.


The body chills were so bad I couldn't even feel the fever on my forehead with my own hand.Only with the aid of a thermometer did I come to discover I had a 101 degree fever the same time I was having these intense body chills.


The flu bug also dropped my blood pressure uncommonly low, to about 100 over 70, which is very abnormal for me (I've been at 140/90 for 20 years).


This told me that the virus was disrupting my cellular mitochondrial functioning in an attempt to lower my metabolism and thereby circumvent my immune system.


Nutritional Intervention


So to compensate and aid my body nutritionally, I added 400 IU twice a day of Vitamin D-3 (not regular Vitamin D, but Vitamin D-3), which has been shown to be more antiviral than prescription drugs like Tamiflu or flu vaccinations.


And I added about 75 micrograms of iodine from sea kelp daily (I used Physician's Formulas brand Iodine from sea kelp; just took one-half of a 150 microgram tablet per day) to help my thyroid regulate my metabolism, body temperature and immune system function better.This got rid of the horrific cold chills by day two.Yay!


And once every other day I took a 20 mg. tablet of Adenosine Triphosphate (I used Douglas Laboratories brand "ATP-20") in order to get my cellular mitochondria back functioning at peak levels, and eliminate the extreme fatigue that accompanied this flu virus.


Thatís important, because mitochondrial function, which governs your bodyís energy stores, is absolutely vital to peak immune system function, which in turn is needed to defeat the virus.


And finally, for the fever and body aches, I took 400 mg. of Motrin at night, with food.

The first night I took the Motrin I woke up sopping wet from sweating after about four hours in bed, which is the result of the Motrin breaking the fever.I literally had to change the T-shirt I was sleeping in, plus my pillow case and sheets that first night.But the fever was gone directly afterwards.


I did all of this, in addition to continuing to sip my homemade colloidal silver throughout the day whenever I felt the need for it.If I felt nausea coming on, for example, Iíd take a little extra colloidal silver.If I didnít have the stomach symptoms, Iíd cut back a bit on my colloidal silver intake.


I donít think I took more than four ounces of my homemade colloidal silver on any single day, or less than two ounces on any single day.


Just ReportingÖ


Naturally, I'm not prescribing here.Iím not a doctor.Iím a natural health journalist.And I'm just reporting on what worked for me, nutritionally, to help get this particularly nasty flu bug under control.


Even with all of this, it still took a full week for me to get back on my feet.And there are still some mild upper respiratory symptoms remaining (coughing and slight congestion, particularly at night), so I'm continuing the colloidal silver at a reduced rate, plus the Vitamin D-3 and low-dose iodine from kelp for a few more days.†††


Of course, because of biological individuality, this very nasty flu virus might affect other people differently.And a completely different supplement regimen might be necessary.


But I thought I'd document whatís worked for me, nutritionally, in case others with this very nasty flu bug thatís sweeping the nation might want to try it.


Tricky Little Bastards


As Iíve mentioned in the past, flu viruses are tricky little bastards.


Over the years Iíve had cases of the flu that have responded splendidly to colloidal silver usage alone, alleviating even the most severe flu symptoms virtually overnight.And Iíve had cases of the flu that have not responded to colloidal silver usage at all.


It all seems to depend upon the specific type of virus causing the flu symptoms.


For example, one year, about a decade ago, the Hong Kong strain of flu hit this country like a ton of bricks.And colloidal silver seemed to have no effect on it whatsoever.People were calling and emailing me in total frustration because no matter how much colloidal silver they ingested, there was no relief from this devastating flu.

But the very next year the Sydney strain of flu hit. And even though this very nasty strain of flu was killing elderly people and young children throughout the southern U.S. and the Midwest, and hospitals were overflowing with patients throughout the country, just about everyone who took colloidal silver reported almost instantaneously phenomenal results, with flu symptoms dissipating within a matter of days.


Indeed, I got more calls that year from people thanking me for telling them about colloidal silver than any year since Iíd published the first edition of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.


So again, viruses are tricky.And while colloidal silver can be remarkably effective against some viral strains, there are also some viruses that colloidal silver doesnít seem to touch.


What I learned from this new bout with the flu, however, is that watching my specific flu symptoms very carefully and taking appropriate compensatory nutrients to counteract those symptoms can really help turn the tide against the virus, and even help make the colloidal silver work better.Hereís what I meanÖ


Compensatory NutrientsÖ


Iíve said all along that colloidal silver is not God.Itís not a ďcure-all.Ē


It is indeed the most broad-spectrum natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral substance on the face of the earth.And without fail itís the very first thing I reach for whenever I have even the slightest hint of an infection.


And it almost always works for me, oftentimes miraculously.


But it canít cure everything.Nothing on the face of this old earth can.Thereís always going to be a bug or two that can figure out how to circumvent your bodyís defenses as well as just about anything you can throw at it.


The truly good news is that if colloidal silver alone is not helping, and you watch your symptoms carefully, you can often determine what the virus is doing to your body and add compensatory nutrients, like Iíve described in the beginning of this article.


For example, the colloidal silver was not helping me much at all the first few days of this nasty flu, except to help control the nausea and eliminate the vomiting and diarrhea other people I knew of were experiencing.


But once I added the Vitamin D-3 and the low-dose iodine from kelp to help boost my metabolism, the colloidal silver started working dramatically better.Day-by-day I could tell the difference as my recovery speeded up noticeably.


Why did boosting my metabolism, nutritionally, seem to help?


In my laymanís opinion, based upon my symptoms of cold chills and excessively low blood pressure, I believe it was because this particular virus had attacked my cellular metabolism as a means of disrupting immune system function.


And when your metabolism is crippled, colloidal silver is not processed as well throughout the body.


Once I got my metabolism operating closer to normal levels with the help of the Vitamin D-3 and the low-dose iodine from kelp (and a few days afterwards with addition of the Adenosine Triphosphate), the colloidal silver really began to kick in.


And from that day forward the viral symptoms gradually but quite noticeably began to dissipate.


One Final Thought:


In hindsight I realize I was really pushing my exercise regimen to excessively high levels (for my personal tolerance) just before this flu bug hit.


And at the same time, I was working 12 and 15 hour days, trying to get a number of projects caught up.


I do tend to exercise harder and longer during the winter months when the weather is colder, because my aging body can generally tolerate the exercise better in the cold weather than it can in the summer heat.


And I tend to work longer hours in the office during the winter months, because thereís not as much to do outside when itís colder than hell.


My problem is that sometimes I tend to get over-excited about exercising during the winter months, trying to compensate for the lack of exercise during the hotter summer months. And as a result I sometimes push my body to unsustainable levels in the winter time.


Combine that with not getting enough rest from long work hours, and you have a ďtype AĒ personality prescription for a stressed out body during winter months.


The point being, with this nasty flu bug going around it's probably best not to stress out your body too much.After all, excessive stress, coupled with lack of good, sound rest can temporarily weaken immunity and give a nasty virus a real foothold.


So just a word to the wise during this growing flu epidemic:Take it easy.And make sure you get plenty of rest.Keep stress levels at a minimum wherever possible.


Lord willing and the creek donít rise, Iíll be back next week with another great article on making and using colloidal silver.


Meanwhile, take extra good care of yourself with this nasty flu virus going around!


Yours for the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver,


Steve Barwick, author
The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual


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