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Tamiflu, Vaccines, the Hybrid Virus, and Colloidal Silver

by S. Spencer Jones

I continue to receive questions on the Tamiflu drug, flu vaccines, and particularly about the origins and nature of this strange hybrid virus that has now spread throughout Europe and the Americas.

Let’s talk about the vaccines, first…


As of today, the World Health Organization announced that the outbreak is moving closer to becoming a full-scale pandemic, and they declared a Phase V Alert, which is one step before announcing that a pandemic, or global epidemic is taking place.

If you look at the subhead in this news headline at, you’ll see that it reads, “Global outbreak considered imminent; vaccine efforts will be ramped up.”

Personally, my greatest fear is that the powers that be are drumming up this panic just like they did during the swine flu scare of 1976 -- only this time instead of offering voluntary public flu vaccinations, they will push for mandatory vaccinations, under the guise of “protecting the public health.”

Huge Stockpiles of Vaccines

You see, the vaccine makers have huge stockpiles of vaccines which they need to get rid of. It’s costing them untold amounts of money to have hundreds of millions of vaccine doses sitting in warehouses around the country, unsold.

A flu pandemic is exactly what they need. They get to move their vaccines, and the governments of the nations afflicted with this strange viral hybrid will pay for it. Which means, of course, taxpayer dollars will pay for it – in essence, a taxpayer-funded government bailout of the corporate vaccine makers!

A Repeat of 1976

Back in 1976, during the last “swine flu” scare in this country, I worked for the Senior Citizen’s Outreach Program in the city of Huntington Beach, California. And I saw with my own eyes how the senior citizens were panicked into getting vaccinated, and then herded to the vaccine stations hastily set up at various city government buildings.

The only problem was, nationwide, the vaccines killed five times more people than the so-called “swine flu” did. It wasn’t about “saving the senior citizens,” or “preventing the spread of the flu.” Instead, it was all about boosting the financial coffers of the vaccine makers.

In Huntington Beach we lost several of our beloved seniors that year. Not one of them died because of the flu. Instead, they died because of severe adverse reactions to the flu vaccines which were administered right there at the Senior Center where I worked. I’ll never forget that. It left a lasting impression on me. And in large part because of it, I’ll always work toward educating people about safer and more natural alternatives.

On the same subject, I just received an email from the colloidal silver generator Tech Support guru over at, George Foss. He explains that back in 1976 he was manager of the well-known Kayser's Nutrition Center in Santa Barbara. So he was in constant contact with people who were seeking to resolve long-standing health problems through natural means.

Unfortunately, George says that a number of his customers had been panicked into receiving the “swine flu” shot during the flu crisis. And within a short time, they came down with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), an autoimmune disease affecting the peripheral nervous system that is frequently very severe, usually exhibits paralysis, and can even be fatal.

He also reminded me that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is a program originally established by Congress in the 1980's to compensate those injured by adverse reactions to the original “swine flu” vaccine.

So apparently, the government uses taxpayer dollars to pay the vaccine-makers to issue the vaccines to the people, and then they use taxpayer dollars to pay the people permanently injured by the vaccines for their debilities.

Sweet deal, I suppose, particularly if you have no conscience.

“Swine Flu” Origins

I’ve been skeptical about the origins of this strange virus right from the beginning. The idea that pig, bird and human viruses somehow combined on their own accord and then started infecting humans just doesn’t make common sense.

Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D. and her husband, former Major General Albert Stubblebine (former commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command) both claim it is a laboratory manufactured virus.

Dr. Len Horowitz also believes this is a laboratory-engineered viral hybrid that either escaped the lab, or was purposely released.

What’s more, in his new video expose’ Dr. Horowitz names the specific vaccine maker that for several years now has been successfully splicing the pig, bird and human flu viruses together in lab experiments. You can view his video expose’ below.


Let me be clear: I don’t trust Tamiflu. I think it’s a waste of time at best, and extremely dangerous at worst.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola. O.D. ( government health authorities in Japan actually banned sales of Tamiflu in 2007 after it caused the deaths of a number of Japanese children who took it and ended up with strange neuropsychiatric problems and brain infections.

By that time the drug already had 1,800 adverse events reports filed on it worldwide, yet no other government banned it. Such is the power of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Mercola points out that even if you took Tamiflu and it did not harm you, the manufacturers themselves admit that at best, it only cuts 1 ½ days off of a typical, simple flu infection. That crummy extra day and a half simply isn’t worth the risk, in my view -- particularly when we can use safe, natural colloidal silver, instead.

Colloidal Silver

All of this is why I’ve been pushing so hard to get people to consider using colloidal silver as an alternative to the flu vaccine and flu drugs.

And I’ve also been urging people to consider obtaining a high-quality colloidal silver generator such as the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator, which unlike any other generator allows you to produce silver particles as small as .0008 microns – small enough to be effective even against serious viral pathogens.

The other big reason – a huge reason, actually – that I recommend getting a high-quality colloidal silver generator is that I honestly believe health food store shelves worldwide will be stripped bare of commercial brands of colloidal silver if the flu spread gets any worse.

Considering the alternatives (i.e., potentially deadly vaccines, or potentially deadly flu drugs), I’m sticking with colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is highly antibacterial and antifungal, so it should handily take care of the inevitable secondary pathogenic infections that cause most deaths among flu victims.

What’s more, it is also highly antiviral, particularly if the particle size is small enough, as demonstrated by this study published in the International Journal of Nanobiotechnology in which very small silver particles prevented HIV (i.e., the AIDS virus) from infecting human host cells.

Again, at the risk of sounding repetitious and self-serving, that’s why I so strongly recommend the new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator for this particular situation. It makes the smallest silver particles you can possibly produce with a high-quality colloidal silver generator.

Colloidal silver just happens to be the best choice out there. It makes the most common sense. By comparison, vaccines and drugs make no sense whatsoever.

S. Spencer Jones

P.S. As Dr. Mercola points out, just a couple of months ago scientists concluded that the 50 to 100 million people who died during the worldwide 1918 flu pandemic, which lasted for a whopping 18 months, did not die of the flu itself!

Instead, they died of secondary super-infections with strep (i.e., Streptococcus pneumoniae), a pathogen which causes pulmonary pneumonia and bacterial meningitis.

You see, the so-called “swine flu” merely weakens the body, allowing bacterial super-infections to take hold.

That’s why I’ll continue to advocate for a broad-spectrum, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal approach to protecting yourself and your family from this so-called “Swine Flu” outbreak.
Colloidal silver is the only product – natural or otherwise -- that truly fits the bill. Make sure you have plenty on hand, before any panic breaks out in your neck of the woods.

Better still, make sure you’ll have unfettered access to colloidal silver for the rest of your life, by obtaining a high-quality Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your family is protected, and that you can help friends and loved ones should the current viral spread continue to worsen, as Google Earth maps shows it is .

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-- Michael Cutler, M.D., Editor, Easy Health Options

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-- Dr. Kathleen Olsson Nelson, RN, BA, MA, PhD, PhD, FSNPM, FCH., Clinical Psychologist and Nutritional Consultant

“The bottom line is that for colloidal silver to effectively fight pathogens, you must use micro-particle silver rather than conventional colloidal silver or silver protein products… You can actually make your own micro-particle colloidal silver in your own home. In fact, there’s one colloidal silver generator on the market today -- the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from a company called The Silver Edge -- that will make colloidal silver with such uncommonly small silver particles, it requires a multi-million dollar Transmission Electron Microscope operating at 175,000x magnification just to see them. This generator allows you to make the most powerful, and highly bioavailable form of colloidal silver right in your own home. And you can make it for pennies…Having a Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator on hand allows you to protect your entire family – and probably your friends and neighbors as well – for just pennies.”

-- Donald S. McAlvany, The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, October 2013

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-- Gary C. King, best-selling author of Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Killer and other true crime books and stories

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